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Technology International Inc. offers a wide variety of safety testing services to our customers. The company has experience and expertise in testing a diverse range of products, from small consumer products to 500-ton metal presses to plants such as water treatment plants.

We offer testing services for worldwide regulatory compliance, with particular focus on the largest global markets: Europe, North America, and Asia. Testing can be done either at your facility or at one of our accredited laboratories, depending on where it is most cost-effective. In many cases, testing at the customer site represents a cost saving over lab testing.

Additionally, we try to leverage previous test results and eliminate any duplication of testing. In fact, more than 60% of companies over test for compliance, for one reason or another.This should NOT be the case. Laws offer alternative routes to compliance and some are certainly more cost-effective than others.

Our testing benefits:

  • Determination of most cost-effective means of testing
  • Testing at your facility eliminates worrying about the availability of a slot with a test house
  • Failures and non-compliances are addressed on the spot, with corrective actions noted
  • Only the necessary tests to prove conformity with the relevant Directives are conducted-
    we can build from previous testing work performed
  • Expediting the product approvals for rapid sales turnaround if needed

For further information on our Safety Testing please contact us at the telephone numbers below, or by following this link

M I U M Phone (804) 794 4144 | Toll Free (800) 810-9000 | Fax (804) 794-4166