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Who needs to comply with the SEMI S-Guidelines?

Manufacturers of equipment used to manufacture, measure, assemble, and test semiconductor products. 

SEMI S-Guidelines in Brief

The Semiconductor industry has developed a set of Guidelines that address the performance and safety of Semiconductor equipment.  There are twenty-four separate standards ranging from S1 - Safety Guideline for Equipment Safety Labels, to S26 - Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for FPD Manufacturing System.  For a full list of the SEMI Guidelines click here.  These Guidelines are created and periodically updated by industry working groups.

How do you demonstrate that your equipment complies with SEMI requirements?

In order for a machine or system to meet the applicable standards it must be evaluated by an independent third party.  The evaluation must be conducted in line with the procedures laid down in S7 - Safety Guidelines for Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Evaluation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.  It must be performed by a body that has no commercial stake in the equipment.  This is then documented in a full assessment report. 

How Technology International can help

Technology International is an Affiliate Member of SEMI and has been active within the Semiconductor industry since the 1990's.  With its expertise in mechanical and electrical safety and regulatory compliance, Technology International meets the requirements for independent third party evaluations specified in SEMI Standard S7. 

Technology International, with its extensive experience and highly qualified staff have conducted third party evaluations of machines and systems to SEMI S-Standards on behalf of a wide range of clients including:

  • Applied Materials
  • BOC Edwards
  • FSI
  • Intel 
  • IBM
  • Texas Instruments

Evaluations include a series of risk analyses, design evaluations and safety testing and can be conducted at clients' premises removing the need to transport often sensitive and bulky equipment to specialist test facilities.  Technology International specialize in developing reports that offer clients the most flexibility for future product changes and improvements allowing their evaluation services to remain efficient and cost effective.

In addition to conducting evaluations Technology International's team of experienced engineers can reduce the cost and time requirements associated with demonstrating compliance to EU safety regulations by performing simultaneous evaluations of client's equipment against both the SEMI Safety Guidelines and the relevant European Directives.  This minimises both the financial and administrative impact of demonstrating compliance to all the relevant standards.


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