Get your products certified for supply to Europe

A valid CE Mark is a legal requirement for supplying products to Europe. Technology International has been providing CE Marking and compliance support for mechanical, electrical, electronic and radio systems intended for supply in Europe since 1991 and has dealt with over 10,000 products.

What we offer you

Based in the US, we cover all North American and South American territories, our services include but are not limited to:

  • Guidance through the complexities of CE marking
  • Identify the applicable laws and standards
  • Through-life CE marking support from design to decommissioning
  • Training and briefing on CE marking from shop-floor to boardroom
  • Safety inspections, risk assessments & testing
  • Product compliance reviews
  • Update existing CE marking documentation
  • CE Documentation support
  • ATEX assessments and testing
  • Global regulatory compliance support

Who we work with

We support all manufacturers, whatever their scale. We have extensive experience in the following areas:

Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Rail, Energy, Water processing, Robotics, Packaging, Geo-technical, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural & Forestry Equipment, Petro-chemical, Recycling, Production, General Manufacturing, Electronics, Communications, Technology and Research Labs.