Who needs to Comply with the EMC Directive?

EMC applies to all electronic or electrical products liable to cause or be disturbed by electromagnetic interference (EMI).  Most manufacturers in the electronics and electrical industries need to ensure their products comply with the Directive and affix a valid CE Marking. Compliance is mandatory for nearly all electrical and electronic equipment imported into the European Union.

What is the EMC Directive?

The Directive’s purpose is to protect the electromagnetic spectrum so that 21st century life can function normally.  The Directive requires that all products should comply with the Essential Requirements (ERs) described in Annex I to the Directive.  In principle all equipment must not emit harmful levels of EMI and it must be immune to a minimum level of received EMI.

The EMC Directive and Routes to Compliance:

Conformity can be demonstrated by two routes: internal production control or, by EU Type Examination that is followed by conformity to type based on internal production control.  EU Type Examination must be done by a Notified Body.

In both cases you must perform and document an electromagnetic compatibility assessment of the apparatus.  This must demonstrate the equipment satisfies the ERs either by satisfying all the relevant harmonised standards or by analyzing all normal intended operating conditions and configurations and confirming that in every case the apparatus meets the ERs.  You must then draw up the necessary technical documentation and as necessary submit it all to a Notified Body.

Technology International is a Notified Body for the EMC Directive.  We can help you with both procedures.

Why use Technology International?

Technology International provides fast, efficient, and cost-effective EMC certifications.

Our EMC services include:

  • Product compliance reviews
  • EMC Testing, at either your facility or ours
  • Notified Body EU Type Examinations

This is a simple overview of detailed and complex law.  You can download the original Directive

in EnglishSpanish or Portuguese

The list of currently Harmonized Standards to the Directive is here.