The RED’s main objectives are to harmonize the radio industry in Europe and simplify the conformity process, reducing the time to market for new equipment. It spans three distinct technical aspects: Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and Radio Performance. Your product must comply with the RED’s Essential Requirements (ER) and carry the CE Marking to claim conformity.

With few exceptions, the RED applies to all equipment that uses the radio spectrum below 3 THz for communication and radiodetermination. It applies to both transmitters and receivers. If you manufacture any product that transmits or receives radio frequencies over the air, from wireless telemetry to industrial control systems to various Short Range Devices, your product will almost certainly be subject to the RED.

Benefits of Working With TI

  • Expert interpretation of the Directives and standards applicable to your product
  • Compliance Project Management
  • Conformity evaluation
  • Technical File compilation
  • Technical Support with all aspects of your CE Marking
  • Test Planning for the essential radio suite of tests
  • Custom training on RED requirements, including safety, EMC and radio aspects.

Typical Steps/Process

  • Determine applicable laws
  • Plan route to conformity
  • Test planning
  • Draw up necessary technical documentation
  • Submit technical documentation to relevant authorities as required

Industries & Equipment Expertise

Technology International works with a wide range of businesses in the below industries. We’ll help get your product in compliance with the RED Directive and off to the EU market.

Industrial Equipment

Manufacturing equipment, robot systems, and finishing machines with wireless communications or control or determination options are just a few of the many pieces of industrial equipment that must be in compliance with the RED.

Electrical Equipment

Ensure the safety of your wifi, Bluetooth, and other wireless communications-enabled electrical equipment while gaining peace of mind knowing that you’re getting expert help to guide you through the RED process.

Packaging Equipment

From sealing machines to labeling equipment and everything in between, all packaging equipment that involves wireless control or communications must meet RED requirements to enter into the EU market.

Warehouse Automation

Forklifts, labeling machines, and control panels are just a few of the many warehouse automation pieces of equipment that may be wireless-enabled or may use wireless techniques for measuring distances or other quantities, and these all need to meet RED requirements.

Canning and Food Processing Equipment

Mixers, ovens, and canning equipment are just some of the many food processing machines that may be communications-enabled and therefore need to obtain RED compliance before they reach the EU market.

Aerospace, Defense and Military

Equipment exclusively used for defense and other related national security and policing purposes are excluded from the RED. Airborne systems are also excluded. Dual-use equipment is not excluded.

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment such as log splitters, irrigation machines, and woodworking equipment that use wireless communications are subject to the RED. To bring your product to the EU market, you must first obtain RED compliance

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Mixers, agitators, and packaging equipment are just a few of the many pharmaceutical manufacturing machines that may be wireless-enabled and so need RED compliance before they’re allowed to enter into the EU market.

Speak to an Expert

Let the experts at Technology International help guide and support you through obtaining compliance with the RED directive. Contact us below to speak with one of our engineers.

Ask an Expert

Frequently Asked Questions About the RED Directive

What is a RED-certified module?

It’s a component that has already been certified to meet the RED Directive. However, when you integrate this component into your end product, the end product must also undergo the assessment to meet the RED Directive.

Where can I view a list of the Harmonized Standards for the RED Directive?

Visit the European Commission website to view the current list of Harmonized Standards.

Why use Technology International for RED Certification?

We offer expert technical guidance and support. This ranges from advice on the RED’s requirements and how to ensure that they are met to practical assistance with demonstrating product conformity. As a RED notified body, we hold the highest accreditation in the industry, and we additionally remain current as members of the RED Compliance Association.

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