If the Low-Voltage Directive applies to your product, you must satisfy the Principal Electrical Safety Objectives (PESOs). You can address the PESOs directly, which is usually extremely difficult, or much more reasonably, show compliance to the relevant Harmonized Standard(s). As most electrical equipment comprises familiar components and performs familiar tasks, there is almost always an applicable Harmonized Standard. Direct assessment against the PESOs is very rare.

The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) applies to all electrical equipment, with a few exceptions, designed or adapted for use between 50-1,000 V AC or 75-1,500 V DC. If you manufacture electrical products that fall within this scope, you must ensure that the products conform to the LVD’s requirements. To claim that your product conforms, you must affix a valid CE Marking to the product and produce a Declaration of Conformity backed up by a Technical File.

When your electrical gear is also subject to certain other legislation, such as the Machinery Directive (MD) or Radio Equipment Directive (RED), then you do not need a dedicated LVD Technical File or Declaration of Conformity. However, you still need to provide the assessment paperwork for electrical safety within the respective MD or RED Technical File.

Benefits of Working With TI

  • Accurately identify the applicable rules – don’t waste time and money chasing the wrong things
  • Objective regulatory advice on all aspects of machinery safety – get it all done, right, once
  • Development of cost-effective compliance strategies
  • Safety Compliance Reviews you can rely on
  • Impartial inspections, Risk Assessment & Testing you can trust
  • Compilation of safety Technical Files and other documentation required for product conformity by a team who know what the Authorities will look for
  • Product design assessments free from organizational bias
  • We come to you and assess at your factory and or at the final installation site – no shipping bulky items to test labs

Typical Steps/Process

  • Determine which directives your product must meet
  • Plan your route to conformity
  • Assess and test for conformity by addressing EHSRs directly and showing compliance with relevant EU harmonized standards
  • Draw up necessary technical documentation
  • Draw up a Declaration of Conformity
  • Affix CE Marking to product

Industries & Equipment Expertise

Technology International works with a wide range of businesses in the below industries. We’ll help you comply with the Low-Voltage Directive and take your product to market.

Industrial Equipment

Control electrics for machine tools, robots, cleaning equipment, cranes, specialist trucks, earthmovers, and finishing machines are just a few of the many pieces of industrial equipment that must conform to the LVD’s PESOs.

Electrical Equipment

Ensure the safety of your electrical equipment while gaining peace of mind knowing that you’re getting expert help to guide you through the LVD process.

Packaging Equipment

From sealing machines to box building equipment and everything in between, packaging equipment must meet the LVD’s requirements to enter into the EU market.

Warehouse Automation

Forklifts, AGVs, labeling machines, conveyors, and control panels are just a few of the many warehouse automation pieces of equipment with electrics that need to meet the LVD’s requirements.

Canning and Food Processing Equipment

Mixers, ovens, and canning equipment are just some of the many food processing machines with electrics and controls that need to satisfy the LVD’s PESOs before they reach the EU market.

Aerospace, Defense and Military

Aircraft ground support equipment, defense and military equipment, communication systems, and everything in between need to comply to the LVD’s PESOs to enter into service in the EU.

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment such as harvesters, forestry machines, log splitters, irrigation machines, and woodworking equipment use a wide range of electrical and mechanical components. To bring your product to the EU market, you must first ensure the electrical parts satisfy the LVD.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Manufacturing Equipment

Mixers, agitators, and packaging equipment are just a few of the many pharmaceutical manufacturing machines that are required to satisfy the LVD’s PESOs before they’re allowed to enter into the EU market. Likewise, production machines and lines making medical equipment, from disposable pipette makers to covid-test devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the LVD Directive

Does my product need to comply with the LVD or Machinery Directive—or both?

Sometimes it can be confusing to figure out if certain electrically powered products must meet the Machinery Directive (MD) and the LVD’s PESOs, or just meet the LVD. If the equipment involves moving parts or is specifically designed to perform a safety function for machinery, you must first check if it falls under the MD or if it is exempted from the MD.

The following items are generally exempted from the MD in as far as the LVD can cover them, and usually falls under the LVD:

  • Household appliances intended for domestic use
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Information technology equipment
  • Ordinary office machinery
  • Low-voltage switchgear and control gear
  • Electric motors

Please note, this is a simplification of a detailed and legally complicated situation. If you are at all in doubt, call for expert advice.

Is there a conformity assessment procedure for the LVD?

The Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU has no provision for notified body intervention in conformity assessment. Historically there was such a provision, but this was dropped when the 2014 revision was published.

Why use Technology International for an LVD Certification?

We can simplify the process and minimize your costs. Our consultant engineers have detailed knowledge and understanding of the law and the supporting harmonized standards. We can undertake a wide range of tasks on behalf of our clients.

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