SEMI and Who it Applies To

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International or SEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain for the electronics industry.  SEMI has developed a range of industry-specific standards and safety guidelines to promote best practice in semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing. Whilst there are no statutory obligations to meet SEMI standards or guidelines, their use for Safety is increasingly frequently demanded by purchasers.  Most foundries and fab operators require S2 reports be provided with new equipment.

SEMI S2 and route to compliance

For manufacturers, the core of SEMI safety is S2, the: Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.

In effect, the other product safety guidelines can be viewed as supporting S2.  The guidelines orientated to occupational health and safety are generally not pertinent to manufacturers.

Typically, a SEMI S2 assessment will require the following assessments in support of the core S2 assessment:

  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation – S10
  • Ergonomic Assessment – S8
  • Fire Risk Assessment – S14
  • Electrical Design Assessment – S22

Where these apply, they are unavoidable.

Depending on materials used, additional chemical and material safety assessments may be required, as may environmental and exhaust/ventilation assessment.  Additional assessments may be required for other specific features, such as use of Unmanned Transport Vehicle systems.

Your documentation itself is also subject to various guidelines

Why use Technology International

Technology International is an Affiliate Member of SEMI and has been active within the Semiconductor industry for over 20 years.  With its expertise in safety and environmental regulatory compliance, Technology International meets the S7 requirements to conduct independent third party evaluation.

Evaluations include a series of risk analyses, design evaluations and safety testing and can be conducted at clients’ premises removing the need to transport often sensitive and bulky equipment to specialist test facilities.

We specialize in providing S2 support and assessment to all semiconductor equipment manufacturers

  • SME builders
  • Non-fabrication tool builders
  • Metrology instrument builders
  • Fab operators
  • Research labs