Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain for the electronics industry. SEMI has developed a range of industry-specific standards and safety guidelines to promote best practices in semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing. These guidelines include environmental, health, and safety considerations. While there are no statutory obligations to meet SEMI standards or guidelines, their use for safety is increasingly demanded by purchasers. Most foundries and fab operators require S2 reports to be included with new equipment.

SEMI S2 evaluations include a series of risk analyses, design evaluations, and safety testing and can be conducted at clients’ premises, thereby removing the need to transport often sensitive and bulky equipment to specialist test facilities.

We specialize in providing S2 support and assessment to all semiconductor equipment manufacturers, including but not limited to:

  • SME builders
  • Non-fabrication tool builders
  • Metrology instrument builders
  • Fab operators
  • Research labs

Benefits of Working With TI

  • Objective regulatory advice on all aspects of machinery safety – get it all done right, once
  • Conduct testing at your facility or ours
  • Save time and money
  • Assessments you can rely on – Expert knowledge of SEMI and regulations
  • Impartial inspections, risk assessment, testing, and inspections you can trust
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’re working with industry experts
  • Development of cost-effective compliance strategies

Typical Steps/Process

  • We’ll come out to your facility, or you can send your product to ours
  • Design Evaluation
  • Risk analyses
  • Safety testing
  • Additional testing/evaluation/analysis as needed
  • We’ll provide you with an S2 Report and certificate

Equipment Expertise

We have extensive experience in assessing semiconductor equipment, including:

  • CV-IV probes
  • Flat panel glass handlers
  • Acoustic microscopes
  • Wet benches
  • Photolithography equipment
  • Storage systems
  • Pick and place equipment
  • CT scanners
  • Cryo-coolers
  • Material handlers
  • Circuit board and on-wafer bond testers
  • Ellipsometric porosimetry
  • Auto reel changers
  • Epitaxial reactors

Speak to an Expert

Let the experts at Technology International help guide you through SEMI Safety Guidelines. Contact us below to speak to one of our engineers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEMI S2 Certifications

How do I get my product(s) in compliance with SEMI S2?

For manufacturers, the core of SEMI safety is S2: the Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.

In effect, the other product safety guidelines can be viewed as supporting S2. The guidelines oriented to occupational health and safety are generally not pertinent to manufacturers.

Typically, a SEMI S2 assessment will require the following assessments supporting the core S2 assessment:

  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation – S10
  • Ergonomic Assessment – S8
  • Fire Risk Assessment – S14
  • Electrical Design Assessment – S22

Where these apply, they are unavoidable.

Are there other assessments my product(s) will need to go through?

Additional chemical and material safety assessments may be required depending on the materials used, as may environmental and exhaust/ventilation assessments. Additional assessments may be required for other specific features, such as the use of Unmanned Transport Vehicle systems. Your documentation is also subject to various guidelines.

Why use Technology International for SEMI S2 certification?

Technology International provides fast, efficient, and cost-effective SEMI S2 testing and certification. Our expert engineers can help simplify the process while minimizing the cost.

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