CE Marking for Warehouse Automation Equipment

A wide range of mechanical and electrical devices support warehouse automation, from forklifts to labeling machines to control panels. In order to bring your product to market in Europe, it must meet CE Marking requirements.

Warehouse Automation Equipment 

Warehouse Automation Equipment CE Marking

Manufacturers of discrete equipment for use in warehouse automation are legally required to address CE Marking, and they need to follow the correct process for CE certification according to the applicable EU Directives. 

Only after obtaining a CE Marking is it legal to sell, trade, or use warehouse automation equipment in Europe.  

If it’s determined that an item does not require CE Marking, a manufacturer must be able to provide evidence that no Directive applies. 

CE Marking is mandatory for nearly all warehouse automation equipment, including: 

  • Conveyors
  • Robots
  • Sorting machines
  • Packing machines
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • Lifters
  • Pickers
  • Forklifts
  • Control panels
  • Communication equipment
  • And many others

The CE Marking Process 

CE certification for warehouse equipment follows the same general process as other products. However, the applicable Directives will change depending on the nature of the product.  

Getting a CE Mark for Warehouse EquipmentThe steps for CE Marking include:

  • Identifying which directives apply to your item
    • Often, two or three Directives apply simultaneously
  • Determining the optimum route to conformity for each applicable Directive
    • Selecting appropriate Directives, conformity modules and standards
    • Assessing the design and build specifics against selected modules and standards
    • Conducting a risk assessment against the Essential Requirements of each applicable Directive 
  • Compiling a “Technical File” as per specifications
  • Drawing up and signing a Declaration of Conformity 
  • Applying the CE Marking 

Warehouse designs are highly integrated—even small changes cascade through an entire system. Non-conforming design elements should be identified long before production begins to avoid unnecessary difficulties during CE certification.

To prevent problems down the line, starting the CE Marking process early is key.  

Warehouse Automation Equipment Directives 

There is a good chance that several Directives will apply to warehouse automation equipment, depending on the nature of a device.

Machinery Directive (MD) – covers products/systems with moving parts driven by an energy source

EMC Directive (EMC) – applies to any electrical product or system with active electrical components

Low Voltage Directive (LVD) – applies to electrical devices between 50Vac/75Vdc and 1,000Vac/1,500Vdc

Radio Equipment Directive – applies to devices that  intentionally transmit or receive wireless communications/signals.

ATEX Directive – involves any device operating in a potentially explosive atmosphere (not typical for warehouse equipment)

Pressure Equipment Directive – involves items that operate under pressure (not typical for warehouse equipment)

Choose Technology International for CE Marking  

CE Marking for Warehouse Automation EquipmentAt Technology International, we can guide you through every step of CE Marking for warehouse automation equipment. We’re familiar with the CE certification process, whether a system is mechanical, electrical, or a combination of both. 

Our manufacturing industry experience gives us the expertise to:

  • Determine which EU Directives apply to an item
  • Select the correct conformity modules 
  • Assess design and build per standards
  • Aid with testing and risk assessment 
  • Carry out the necessary product inspections
  • Compile the required documents for the Technical File

Contact us for support from the beginning to the end of the CE Marking process. We can optimize the path to CE certification success, navigate decision trees, and analyze the range of options that work for your unique product. 

We know your industry—from the most massive machines to the smallest components, we’re ready to assist with every step to obtain a CE Marking for your warehouse automation equipment. 

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