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Technology International has over 30 years of experience helping manufacturers navigate the often-complex maze of obtaining CE certification for their products. Whether you’re brand new to the process or very familiar with it, we will help you understand and resolve your compliance obligations quickly and cost-effectively.

You’re new to the process and need an expert provider

  • You’ve been told you need to CE Mark your product but don’t know how to do it.
  • You know obtaining CE Marking can be tricky, and you want a trustworthy advisor to help speed up the process and limit costs.
  • You have limited knowledge and experience in shipping products to the EU market.
  • You don’t have the time or expertise to obtain a CE Marking, and you would prefer the experts handle it.
  • You want to limit your risk by getting in qualified outside experts

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You’re already familiar with CE Marking but need a better service

  • Are you fed up with your current CE services provider?
  • You need a trustworthy advisor and source of delivery.
  • You’re already working with a provider, but are paying too much and it’s taking too long.
  • You’ve already tried it and realize you need expert help to save time and money or reduce internal risk.
  • You’re committed to “getting it right.”

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CE Marking Directives

There are more than 20 CE Marking Directives and Regulations. If one or more applies to your product, you’re legally required to CE Mark it. Technology International can help you determine which one(s) applies to your product and guide you through the entire process.

Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) sets a minimum acceptable level of safety and requires that you meet its Essential Health and Safety Requirements (ESHRs). We help you simplify the process and minimize your costs while providing detailed knowledge and understanding of the law and the supporting harmonized standards.

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EMC Directive

Following the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU) ensures that your device is compatible with its electromagnetic environment and doesn’t emit levels of electromagnetic energy causing interference in nearby devices. You want to ensure that your products meet all the requirements.

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Electrical Safety - Low Voltage

The Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) applies to most electrical equipment and requires that you satisfy the Principal Electrical Safety Objectives (PESOs). We can simplify the process and minimize your costs with our team ready to undertake a range of tasks on your behalf related to the LVD.

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Potentially Explosive Atmospheres - ATEX

The ATEX Directive ( 2014/24/EU) is designed to ensure that equipment intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere doesn’t ignite that atmosphere. Technology International can help you determine if your product falls under the ATEX Directive, and help you create the necessary technical files to meet all the ATEX Directive Requirements, and more.

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Radio Equipment - RED

The Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU) applies to most equipment using the radio spectrum below 3 THz for communication and radiodetermination. We offer technical guidance and support ranging from advice on the RED’s requirements and how to ensure they are met to practical assistance with demonstrating product conformity.

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Notified Body

Sometimes, CE conformity assessment requires you to use a Notified Body. This is an organization accredited to the European Commission expressly for the purpose of CE Type Examination and certification. Technology International is an EU Notified Body and supports US, Canadian, and other global manufacturers with Notified Body services for the EMC and RED Directives.

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Benefits of Working With Technology International

  • 30 years of experience helping companies obtain CE Markings
  • Transparent, knowledgeable, and trustworthy
  • Our experts will find anything related to CE that can be uncovered
  • Save time and money over doing it yourself
  • Know you’ve done it right
  • Technology International is best in the market for the total cost of ownership

Speak to a CE Marking Expert

Technology International will advise and guide you as you take your products through the entire CE Marking process. We’ll also guide and support you through the technicalities of importing to Europe. Contact us below to speak to one of our experts.

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The CE Marking Process

The core process for CE Marking includes identifying which Directives and Regulations pertain to your product, completing a conformity assessment, setting up a Technical File, and signing a Declaration of Conformity. After completing these steps, you can legally put the CE Marking on your item. Please note there are some technical variations as the law is complex.

1. Identify Applicable Legislation The first step is to identify which European Product Laws are relevant to your product. There are over 20 CE Directives and Regulations that cover a broad spectrum of products, from electrical equipment to machines to toys to PPE. An item may fall under more than one law.
2. Assessment Next comes the conformity assessment, which depending on circumstances may be carried out either entirely in-house or at least in part by an EU Notified Body. The assessment aims to establish your product satisfies the identified laws, and the assessment documents become part of your Technical File. You need to be able to produce your Technical File to EU Authorities upon request.
3. Compile Technical File You need to compile a dossier containing all the legally specified design, test and assessment documents, along with all applicable instructions, environmental statements, etc.
4.Declaration You must sign a Declaration of Conformity declaring that your product meets all applicable EU laws. Once you’ve completed this and all the steps above, your product can legally display the CE Marking and be placed on the market.

Industry & Equipment Expertise

We work with a wide range of industries, and a few examples are listed below Our expert CE Marking services will save you money and help you get your products to the EU market faster.

Industrial Equipment

Machine tools, robots, web-media equipment, industrial trucks, earthmovers and finishging machines are just a few of the many pieces of industrial equipment that must obtain a CE Marking. Learn how Technology International can help.

Electrical Equipment

Ensure the safety of your electrical equipment while gaining peace of mind knowing that you’re getting expert help to guide you through the CE Marking process.

Packaging Equipment

From fill and sealing machines to box building equipment and everything in between, packaging equipment must meet CE Marking requirements to enter the EU market.

Warehouse Automation

Forklifts, AGVs, labeling machines, conveyors, control panels and control panels are just a few of the many warehouse automation pieces of equipment that need to meet CE Marking requirements.

Canning and Food Processing Equipment

Mixers, ovens, and canning equipment are just some of the many food processing machines that need a CE Marking before they reach the EU market.

Aerospace, Defense & Military

Civil and military aircraft ground support equipment, airframe manufacturing robots, jigs and tooling,  defense equipment and everything in between requires a CE Marking to enter into service in the EU.

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment such as harvesters, forestry machines, log splitters, and wood processing equipment use a wide range of electrical and mechanical components. To bring your product to the EU market, you must first obtain a CE Marking.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Mixers, agitators, and packaging equipment are just a few of the many pharmaceutical manufacturing machines that require a CE Marking before they’re allowed to enter the EU market. Production machines and lines making medical equipment, from disposable pipette makers to covid-test devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About CE Marking

How long will it take to get the CE Mark on my product?

The standard time takes anywhere from four to six weeks. However, it can take shorter or longer based on how prepared you are and your product’s required conformity assessments.

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How much does CE Marking cost?

The total cost for CE Marking your product will depend on multiple factors, such as certification requirements and potential testing requirements. This changes significantly between equipment types. Contact one of our experts to get a better idea of the cost.

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Will a CE Marking allow me to sell my product in the UK market?

Only through 2022. Due to Brexit, you will need to obtain a UKCA Marking for all products sold in the UK from 2023. There is a special exemption for Northern Ireland, which continues to use CE indefinitely.

If I obtain a CE Marking and import it into one EU country—can I import it into the rest of the EU member states?

Yes, once you obtain a CE Marking, you’re allowed to import that product to all EU member states and the additional countries that participate in CE, such as Turkey, Iceland, and Norway.

Why use Technology International for CE Marking?

Technology International provides efficient, cost-effective, and fast CE Marking services. Our highly experienced engineer consultants have a keen understanding of the law and the realities. We’re here to help you through every step of the process.

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