Who Needs to Comply with the Radio Equipment Directive?

With few exceptions, the RED applies to all equipment that uses the radio spectrum below 3 THz for communication and for radiodetermination. It applies to both transmitters and receivers. If you manufacture any product that transmits or receives radio frequencies over the air, from wireless telemetry to industrial control systems to a variety of Short Range Devices, your product will almost certainly be subject to the RED.

Radio Equipment Directive in Brief

The RED’s main objectives are to harmonize the radio industry in Europe and simplify the conformity process, reducing time to market for new equipment.  It spans three distinct technical aspects: Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), and Radio Performance.  Your product must comply with the RED’s Essential Requirements (ER) and must carry the CE Marking to claim conformity.

The RED and Routes to Compliance

The key to achieving conformity is understanding the ERs and the scope and applicability of Harmonised Standards.  Technology International is a Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive and can help guide you through the complex ERs, including safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio spectrum aspects.  This includes:

  • developing the necessary technical documentation
  • interpreting the Directive and standards
  • generating customized test plans, and
  • providing a Notified Body opinion.

We can make the assessment procedure simple, cost effective and efficient.

Why use Technology International?

We offer technical guidance and support.  This ranges from advice on the RED’s requirements and how to ensure that they are met, to practical assistance with demonstrating product conformity. As a RED notified body we hold the highest accreditation in the industry, and we additionally remain current as members of the RED Compliance Association.

The activities Technology International can undertakes on your behalf includes:

  • Expert interpretation of the Directives and standards applying to your product
  • Compliance Project Management
  • Conformity evaluation
  • Technical File compilation
  • Technical Support with all aspects of your CE marking
  • Test Planning for the essential radio suite of tests
  • Custom training on RED requirements, including safety, EMC and radio aspects.

This is a simple overview of detailed and complex law.  You can download the original Directive

in EnglishSpanish or Portuguese

The list of currently Harmonized Standards to the Directive is here.