What it is?

Several European laws require that various products carry the CE Marking.
The CE Marking is a symbol of compliance with those laws.
CE stands for conformité européenne – French for European Conformity.
If any of these laws apply to your product, you have to CE mark your product before selling the product or putting it into service in Europe.
The marking is your legal statement that the product you put it on conforms to ALL relevant European product legislation.

What does CE Marking my product mean?

  • It means your product conforms to the relevant Health, Safety and Environmental laws
  • It means your product is legally safe enough to sell everywhere in Europe
  • It means you know exactly which laws apply to your product and you have ensured your product meets them all and you can prove it with documentation
  • It means you can provide the EU Authorities at their request with a legally correct and complete Technical File that demonstrates conformity
  • It means you have given a legal assurance and you take full legal responsibility for any failings

What happens if I don’t CE Mark?

The penalties range from fines to jail sentences for individuals.
Your product can be temporarily removed from service or impounded until improved.
You can even be subject to a Europe-wide product recall.

The Hard Facts

  • If the law requires your product to carry the CE marking, it is illegal to sell the product or put into service without the CE marking
  • It is illegal to affix the CE marking incorrectly
  • There is no alternative qualification to CE in Europe
  • CE is totally different from US and Canadian requirements: US and Canadian qualifications and certificates can not ever satisfy CE requirements

How do I get my product CE Marked?

There are 4 core steps to CE Marking to follow, in order:

  1. Identify what legislation applies to your product
  2. Show your product satisfies the legal requirements
  3. Sign a legal Declaration of Conformity
  4. Apply the CE Marking

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