CE Marking logoManufacturing products is a complicated business, particularly as it relates to compliance. If you are a US manufacturer hoping to sell products in the European Union, you likely need to obtain CE Markings for your products. A CE Marking attests to your product’s safety and that it complies with the applicable EU Directives and Regulations.

The highly-qualified team of engineers at Technology International can help you determine which Directives and Regulations are applicable to your products and how to confirm compliance. We guide US manufacturers through the entire CE Marking process to support their ability to sell their products in the European Union.


Steps for CE Marking Products in the USA

  1. Identify the applicable Directives and Regulations.
  2. Identify the relevant standards to be applied and ensure that the product is compliant.
  3. Assess that the product meets all requirements. Identify and correct any non-compliances.
  4. Compile technical documentation (Technical File) on the product which shows how it is compliant with the requirements of the directives, regulations, and standards.
  5. Issue an EU Declaration of Conformity which is a legally binding statement by the manufacturer concerning the compliance of the product. In the case of any compliance issues, this is normally the first document to be inspected by the authorities. There is prescribed content with legal language to be used.
  6. At this point, the CE marking can be legally applied to the product.
  7. The certification process does not stop here. The manufacturer is obliged to have a system in place so that production remains compliant with the requirement.

Obtaining CE Certification in the USA

The CE Marking is an official marking that is affixed to your product. “CE Certification” is an unofficial term for the special cases where an EU Type Examination Certificate is required by the law. Obtaining CE Certification involves an EU Notified Body observing your manufacturing process and the product itself to certify that it complies with all applicable Directives and Regulations. While a CE Marking is required for almost all products to be sold in the European Union, CE Certification is required much less often. However, when CE Certification is required, an EU Notified Body must be used to certify the product as compliant.

Why Choose Technology International for CE Marking in the USA?

The process of CE Marking a product in the USA can easily become quite complicated, and that is why Technology International manages the whole process for you from product design to CE Marking and CE Certification. Your responsibility is to ensure your products are suitably compliant and remain so for a minimum of ten years after placing them on the EU Market. Our team will ensure you have all the necessary expertise, support and guidance to make that happen.

As an EU Notified Body, we are CE Marking experts. Our team of engineers stays up-to-date on the CE Marking Directives and Regulations and can help you safely sell your products in the European Union market.